5 Spare Semi Truck Parts To Keep on Hand

5 Spare Semi Truck Parts To Keep on Hand

As a professional semi-truck driver, the routes are often long and taxing on your truck. Thousands of miles are sure to wear down even the toughest vehicles eventually, and your truck is no exception. The last thing any driver wants is to be stranded and at the mercy of others to fix their vehicle. However, going out and stocking up on aftermarket Mack parts provides you with the best advantages, just in case. These five spare semi-truck parts to keep on hand are sure to help avert such instances for you.


The alternator is an essential part of your engine responsible for supplying energy to your battery. This normally charges the battery and provides electricity throughout the truck’s systems. To say you’re in trouble if this dies in the middle of delivery is an understatement. By knowing how to fix your alternator and carrying a spare, you save yourself the worry about running on a battery that may fizzle out.

Belt Tensioner

The belt tensioner works in tandem with the serpentine belt. Specifically, the belt tensioner maintains the belt’s tension and ensures that additional stress is not added to the affected parts of the belt. This part rotates constantly in running vehicles to power essential engine sections, including specific pumps, compressors, and alternators.

Fuel Filters

Your fuel filters are necessary for maintaining your truck in both the long and short term. This piece keeps the oil flowing through your vehicle as clean as it is able to. As other parts begin to wear and form rust, those particles find their way in the oil flow and have the potential to damage the most sensitive areas of your engine. Bad filters lead to misfires and stalling; having a spare on hand makes your trips less likely to be hindered by such inconveniences.


Lying between your engine and exhaust, the turbocharger forces more air into the cylinders of your truck. This leads to more exerted power from your cylinders and more efficient engine use. Unfortunately, if a turbocharger breaks down or goes wrong, the vehicle is still able to operate and potentially leads to more damage. Being sure to regularly check on the condition of your turbocharger and having a spare is always helpful.


Though not as complicated as the other parts, bulbs are integral to staying safe and driving legally on roads at night. Having enough bulbs to replace the current ones on your truck prevents you from the hassle of taking an unplanned stop to get them changed should they die on you in the middle of a trip.

Staying safe and maintaining your truck for long-term travels is crucial in having a successful driving career without any unexpected hiccups. These five spare semi-truck parts to keep on hand are lifesavers and should be among the top priorities in your backup arsenal.