7 Truck Stop Amenities that Every Trucker Should Utilize

7 Truck Stop Amenities that Every Trucker Should Utilize

While truck stops offer anything a driver needs to get themselves prepared for the remainder of their trip, they’re particularly helpful for commercial truck drivers. Made to accommodate life on the road, truck stops supply truckers with the basic resources to ensure they remain healthy and their haul is successful. These truck stop amenities play a crucial part in helping truckers across the nation work efficiently and effectively.


Even if you just sit in the driver’s seat for several-hundred miles, you still sweat enough that a shower becomes essential. Maintaining a regular shower schedule while out on the road is also one of the best ways to preserve your physical health. If you wash away the grime and sweat of the day, it can serve to ease your stress, loosen up stiff muscles, and even help improve your ability to fight off illnesses.

Laundry Service

If you need to travel for an extended period of time, it’s inevitable that you’ll run out of wearable clothes. Equipped with quality machines, folding tables, and handling racks, these stations are the perfect way to clean your clothing in a timely manner. As your clothes get washed, you can also use that down time to get some much-needed rest or run any additional errands.

Fuel Station

According to Heavy Duty Trucking, “every 1 mph increase in speed results in a 0.14 miles per gallon decrease in fuel economy,” on average. This ultimately increases how often you have to stop and fill your tank. Visiting a truck stop whenever possible will help you maintain your vehicle’s fuel economy and supply you with quality fuel for the remainder of your drive.

Ample Parking and Large Spaces

Truck stops are built to accommodate semis, so they readily supply truck drivers with a spacious place to park as they proceed with preparations. Parking in these spaces also gives you an opportunity to kick back and take a nap if you’re fatigued. This is particularly important when you drive at night, as you should be well rested enough to avoid falling asleep on the road.

CAT Scales

Ensuring that your haul remains under a certain weight is critical to maintain your ability to drive the truck and adhere to the standards of the law. Truck stops often have CAT scales available so you have ready access to quick and accurate information. This will give you peace of mind that you’re within the law’s guidelines and ensure that you’re back on the road in no time.


You shouldn’t ignore your pangs of hunger, as this will cause you to become fatigued much quicker as you drive. It’s for this reason that you need to occasionally stop to refuel yourself along with your vehicle. Truck stops typically offer a few restaurants for you to choose from. These eateries are often fast-food chains, but business owners will also open sit-down restaurants on location to give drivers healthier options.

Truck Service Station

If you experience mechanical trouble on the road, pulling over at a truck stop is often one of the best ways to fix the problem. From Freightliner and Mack truck aftermarket parts to trained professionals that know how to install them, truck stop mechanic shops are fully equipped to assist you in getting everything up and running again.