Best Ways to Maintain Your Semi Truck

Best Ways to Maintain Your Semi-Truck

As a professional semi-truck driver, your truck is your livelihood. From the time you load up to the time you deliver and complete a haul, it’s crucial that your semi performs at peak efficiency. Any less than optimal performance puts your pay at risk, as well as the safety of yourself and other drivers on the road. It’s for these reasons that you should regularly care for your truck to keep it running right. We explore some of the best ways to maintain your semi-truck.

Regularly Change Your Oil

Just like with any motor vehicle, changing the oil in your semi is key to preventing engine strain and potential failure. If left alone, the old oil can wear thin and stop lubricating the mechanical equipment properly. This ultimately causes the parts to grind against one another, and it will damage the internal engine systems. Semis, in particular, need extra oil, as their engines have more parts that need lubrication.

Closely Monitor Your Brakes

The brakes are one of the most important components of your semi—and they can break just like any other part. Since dying brakes aren’t as apparent as required oil changes, you must pay extra attention to diagnose a problem. As you drive, take note of any odd sounds when you break or a decrease in effectiveness. These could indicate that you need to get them replaced.

Check Your Radiator

A semi’s temperature control system keeps the truck from overheating or freezing, which maintains the condition of its internal parts as a result. The radiator plays a key role in preventing extreme internal damage during harsh weather conditions. Make sure to frequently check for leaks or low fluid levels, and refill them to their proper amounts before taking your semi out on a haul.

Inspect Air and Fuel Vents

While these components may seem fine while the semi is running, your vents could clog and need replacement. This is especially the case for your fuel vent, as blockages can cause inaccurate fuel readings or even affect how the engine performs. To preserve your semi’s functionality, it’s important that you check these vents and clear any blocked areas.

These aren’t the only ways to maintain a semi. In fact, your maintenance efforts might also include updating its hardware with updated parts. At Unitruck, we have a variety of aftermarket Volvo and Kenworth truck parts to ensure you have what you need to keep your semi running for longer.