Changes To Expect in the Trucking Industry

Changes To Expect in the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry constantly advances and becomes more efficient with new technologies and processes. To prepare for these changes, it’s always a good idea to be aware of them before they occur. With that in mind, check out a few of the changes to expect in the trucking industry below.

Driver Shortages Are Now a Top Priority for Businesses

One of the biggest challenges that the trucking industry faces now and will continue to face in the future is driver shortages. Since many truck drivers are middle-aged and above, businesses are concerned about the future of the trucking industry. Businesses hope that new technologies such as electric vehicles and digital mirrors will encourage the younger generation to pursue trucking.

New and Improved Technologies

To make processes quicker and more efficient, businesses created new software programs to help them achieve their goals. Additionally, businesses are starting to use smart technology in their vehicles to increase their performance and make them safer for drivers. A few new safety features include driver cameras, collision prevention systems, and blind-spot cameras. Businesses also expect to use electric vehicles in the future, especially for short-hauls.

Changing Speed Limit

Another significant change to watch out for is changing speed limits. While speed limits currently change depending on the state, legislators in the past have pushed for a rule to limit the top speeds of large vehicles. Many truck drivers expect this change to come into consideration under the new government administration.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the changes to expect in the trucking industry. In the future, there are sure to be a lot of significant changes, so remember to be prepared. If you need to purchase truck aftermarket mirrors or other parts for your vehicle, browse our Unitruck website online.