How to Be an Eco-Friendly Truck Driver

How to Be an Eco-Friendly Truck Driver

Earth Day is just along the horizon, and many workers across the country are looking for ways to make a positive environmental impact. Commercial semi-truck drivers are no different. In fact, from saving money to making your traveling more efficient, there are other benefits to eco-friendly hauling than just helping the planet. Plus, making the switch isn’t as difficult as you might initially think. Learn how to be an eco-friendly driver and protect the natural beauty you enjoy along the road.

Plan the Most Efficient Routes

No matter how rare it is for a professional to get lost, doing so not only wastes gas, but it also releases excess toxins into the Earth’s atmosphere. So, to ensure that you’re getting the best mileage out of your tank of gas, try planning out the most direct route ahead of time. This way, there’s little guesswork about where you need to go, and you can make it there with time to spare.

Go Paperless

Though many truckers are used to logging their driving hours on paper, making the switch to electronic tracking is both green and simple. You’ll no longer need to worry about buying paper products, and your hour log will automatically be reported to your manager once you hit submit. No more forgetting to turn in your log at the end of a haul; plus, significantly fewer trees will have gone to waste in the process.

Maintain Your Truck

You rely on your truck being in top condition in order to do your job—and the environment does as well. A well-oiled, well-maintained semi-truck reduces the amount of carbon monoxide emissions released into the air as you drive. This improves overall fuel efficiency and cuts down on the pollutants you’re allowing into the environment.

Reduce Idling

Likewise, cutting back on the time you allow your truck to sit running also significantly reduces the toxins in the atmosphere. For this reason, as well as the fact that it wastes gas, it’s recommended that you decrease the amount of time you let it idle or stop doing so entirely. This will save you on additional fuel costs and keep emissions to a minimum.

Taking the steps to help the environment shouldn’t mean completely changing how you go about completing your work as a truck driver. That’s why, at Unitruck, we want to supply you with the tools to keep your truck running efficiently and keep it eco-friendly in the process. Our Freightliner Cascadia mirrors and headlights will ensure that you can always see where you’re going so that you can take the most direct route to your destination.