How to Develop a Better Sense of Direction (for Driving)

How to Develop a Better Sense of Direction (for Driving)

From the time we first learn how to drive, a strong sense of direction is crucial to honing our skills in the driver’s seat. It allows us to know exactly where we’re going by identifying where we’ve been—which makes us more adaptable in unexpected driving situations. However, directional awareness is something that can’t be taught in the classroom. So, it’s essential that you first learn how to develop a better sense of direction on foot before you perfect these skills for driving.

Take Frequent, Long Walks

Training your directional skills doesn’t have to take place behind the wheel. In fact, it’s often more effective to first practice with long walks. Since you have more time to take in your surroundings this way, it’s easier to create a mental image of specific roads and landmarks along the way.

Start by Studying a Map

Whether you use a paper map or your phone GPS to direct you, you must take a minute to study them rather than letting it guide you. While these tools are useful to get you to your destination, they don’t train your internal compass unless you study them closely. So, use the map to pinpoint landmarks and large roads for your own knowledge.

Form Your Mental Map

Once you have an idea of what landmarks you have on your regular routes, fill in the gaps with your mental map. This will assist you in developing a clear idea of where you are in relation to other things. Though you don’t have to stop turning to your physical maps for help during this step, you should no longer rely on them.

Continuously Update and Test Your Mental Map

As you continue this process, your mental map will become larger and more detailed. Slowly updating it in this way allows you to become more in touch with your surroundings without feeling overwhelmed. Occasionally test your knowledge by listing street names or deciphering which direction you’re traveling in. 

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