How Truck Drivers Can Prevent Cargo Theft

How Truck Drivers Can Prevent Cargo Theft

In 17th century England, travelers embarked upon their journeys hoping not to encounter the dreaded highwaymen—the robbers on horseback who ruthlessly raided merchants, families, and anyone who crossed their path. Today’s truck drivers don’t live in fear of horse-mounted gentleman thieves, but they must be wary of more sophisticated adversaries who seek to steal their freight, if not their entire rig. Fortunately, though the tactics of today’s robbers have evolved from horseback hold-ups, the strategies and technology for stopping them have evolved, too. Read on to learn how truck drivers can prevent cargo theft on the road, in parking lots, and wherever else such malevolent folk may lurk.

Don’t Keep Your Freight Parked

The simplest step you can take is not to give thieves a chance to get the goods. Avoid leaving a full rig parked for over 24 hours, and when you do park, try to back into a spot where there’s no easy access to the cargo. Understand that if the exterior of your trailer gives away what precious cargo is hidden inside, such as alcohol or tobacco, you’re advertising in-demand black-market goods to thieves looking for a big heist. This marketing decision may be out of your hands, but be extra vigilant if you’re in this situation.

Keep an Eye on Who’s Following

The highwaymen of yore would lurk behind bushes or woods before leaping out to confront their quarry. Today’s truck robbers move at the same pace as you do, and once they identify a worthy target on the interstate, they’re likely to follow you and wait for the opportunity to break into your truck. If you notice a motorist who is suspiciously adhering to the same route as you are, notify the proper authorities that someone has been following you and try to lose that tailer. Expansive and clear rear-view mirrors give you the best chance to recognize and identify followers. Aftermarket Mack parts for your mirrors will improve upon factory-standard models and give you the scope and clarity you need to stay safe in all respects.

Lock Up Well

There may be honor among truck drivers, but the parking lots and truck stops on your routes do attract people who are not your peers. These aren’t exactly the neighborhoods where you can leave the front door unlocked. Truck drivers can prevent cargo theft by taking extra steps to lock up using the newest and strongest padlocks on the market. If would-be thieves discover that this job will take too long to complete safely, they’re likely to leave you alone.