man driving truck

Important Laws for Truck Drivers To Know and Follow

To make the roads safer, the United States government created rules and regulations that all truckers must follow. Whether you are an expert trucker or just starting out, it is always a great idea to know these rules. Here are the important laws for truck drivers to know and follow.

Electronic Logging Device

An electronic logging device (ELD) is a mandatory device that drivers must use to record driving times. This device connects to the engine of the vehicle and ensures that the company is following the Hours of Service Regulations. The ELD ensures that drivers do not go over their time limit to prevent them from driving too much or becoming tired. Ensuring that the ELD is functional is just as important as inspecting and replacing your semi-truck mirrors and headlights, so it is vital to examine it regularly along with the rest of the vehicle.

Drug Tests

Taking mandatory drug tests is another one of the important laws for truck drivers to know and follow. The drug laws that truckers must follow are from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation, and they are generally stricter than the rules for regular drivers. For example, your BAC must be below 0.02, and you cannot carry alcohol while driving unless it is cargo.

DOT Physicals

Along with the drug tests mentioned above, truck drivers also must pass a physical exam every two years. This is to ensure that they remain healthy, have acceptable eyesight, and can remain alert at the wheel, among other things. If they do not complete the physical exam, they could risk losing their Commercial Driver’s License. They are also required to take training courses every two years, which allows them to refresh their memories and keep up with any changing laws and regulations.

Driver Qualification

Every trucker must meet certain qualifications and provide documents for their public records. For instance, a trucker must provide their driving history, a completed road test, certificates of violations, and more. The trucker must also be 21 years of age or older, able to read and speak English, and understand how to operate a large vehicle safely.