Mountain Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Mountain Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are often faced with many obstacles during a long haul. One common obstacle a truck driver needs to be extra cautious around is mountain driving because it can result in an accident that can be deadly for you and other drivers on the road. Follow these mountain driving tips for truck drivers to remain safe during your travel.

Watch the Grade

Truck drivers must also check the grade as you pass through a mountain. Grade signs will let a driver know how steep the road may be in a mountain with a percentage point attached to it, so you can adjust your speed accordingly. The percentages on a grade sign may range from 5% to 15%, with the higher percentage being more difficult.

Take Your Time

Whenever you are traveling on a mountain, you need to take it slow and steady. Because of all the weight you carry with a truck, you run the risk of a deadly accident if you travel at high speeds. This also means using your brakes correctly and shifting gear when you have to. Use your best judgement and don’t travel too fast on a mountain.

Be Extra Cautious in Certain Weather Conditions

The weather can add an extra wrinkle of danger. Adjust to the weather conditions and be more cautious by looking out for black ice and avoiding any visible disruptions. It’s important that you take your speed to account during poor weather conditions as well.

Use Runaway Lanes

A runaway lane is a place where trucks can go if a driver starts to control. Mountains will typically have runaway lanes, so don’t be afraid to use them if necessary. As you drive on a mountain, be on the lookout for these runaway lanes that you can safely pull into.

Be Prepared

A final mountain driving tip for truck drivers is to be prepared beforehand. The first thing you will need to do to be prepared for the mountain is to fill up on gas because gas stations are usually limited in these locations. Also, you should have an emergency kit readily available and inspect your truck as well. If you need Volvo truck mirror parts, consider Unitruck.