Nighttime Safe Driving Tips for After-Dark Traveling

Nighttime Safe Driving Tips for After-Dark Traveling

Every driver has, at some point, driven at night. While many of us don’t think it’s much different than driving during the day, after-dark hours can bring a variety of unique hazards that we need to account for. Make safety your priority and follow these nighttime safe driving tips.

Drive Defensively

Though it’s important to drive defensively during the day, it’s even more crucial that you do so at night. This includes driving slower than you typically would, paying extra attention to the vehicles around you, and making note of how much space those vehicles need. For instance, because semi-trucks weigh up to 30 times as much as a standard car, it’s important to give them additional clearance if you see one approaching. You should also keep a larger distance from the car in front of you, as it gives you more time to notice and respond to an incident if one occurs.

Stay Alert and Focused

Fatigue becomes a dangerous factor when you drive at night. The lack of sunlight can increase your tiredness and you may fall asleep at the wheel if you aren’t careful. To combat this drowsiness, it’s often effective to consume some caffeine, pull over for a brief nap, or stop at a hotel for the night. These strategies will help you curb the edges of fatigue and refresh you enough to get where you need to go.

Clean Your Mirrors and Windshield

While you might not notice the dirt on your windshield during the day, it can further hinder your sight in conditions with limited visibility. Excess dirt on your windshield, mirrors, or windows can scatter the light that comes from other vehicles and increase glare. This can prevent you from seeing all that you need to and lead to an accident. Glare can also become a bigger problem as you age. Older individuals often have more difficulty adjusting their eyes to the oncoming glare, which makes the situation more dangerous for all involved.

Keep an Eye Out for Wildlife

Local wildlife tends to become more active during the nighttime hours, which leads them to wander into the roadways. As you drive through darker, more secluded areas, it’s crucial you remain prepared to swerve out of the way of a sudden obstacle. Your vigilance could prevent an accident, save the life of a furry creature, and protect your bank account from expensive repair costs.

Use the Proper Lighting

Your headlights and taillights are a crucial tool for driving safely at night. To ensure they work properly, be sure to regularly test your lights and all their different settings. It’s also important that you set your lights at the right angle for certain situations. For instance, using your high beams when there are a lot of other cars present can cause glare for passing drivers, which increases the risk of an accident. Learning what situations require what light setting can help keep you safe and make you a more effective night driver.


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