Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Semi-Truck Headlights

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Semi-Truck Headlights

Many long hauls take truck drivers into the middle of the night. Not only are there a limited number of vehicles on the road late at night or early in the morning, but there also isn’t a lot of light once you get off a highway. That is why headlights need to stay in peak condition at all times. Here are the signs it’s time to replace your semi-truck headlights.

Headlights Are Dim

The first indicator that it’s time for new semi-truck headlights is if you notice they are dimmer than normal. Dim lights might mean your semi-truck needs a deep cleaning, or the bulb is reaching the end of its life. If the bulbs are old and the lights are dim, then it’s time to replace them.

No Headlight at All

The next common headlight problem you might run into is that you aren’t getting any light at all, whether from one headlight or both. Driving at night without any headlights is incredibly dangerous and is against the law. It can be an easy thing to detect a total lack of headlights at night and is a problem that you should resolve as soon as possible.

Flickering Headlights

A sign that your headlights are on their final breath is if they start to flicker. This is another instance where you should take care of the problem immediately. Flickering headlights are a telltale sign that the bulb is either damaged, worn out, or has a poor connection. Improve your vision on the road by listening to what your lights are telling you and replacing them with new ones when necessary.

Owner’s Manual Recommendation

The final sign it’s time to replace your semi-truck headlights is based on what your owner’s manual tells you. An owner's manual will typically contain a maintenance schedule for various parts of your semi-truck, including your headlights.

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