Some of the Most Unique Traffic Laws in the United States

Some of the Most Unique Traffic Laws in the United States

We all know it’s required by law to stop at red lights and that pedestrians have the right of way; however, not all United States traffic laws are universal. While driver’s education courses teach us the basics, there are several, more specific, laws that they forget to put into the curriculum. Here are some unique traffic laws that you didn’t realize you were breaking.

Honking – Little Rock, Arkansas

A vehicle’s horn is generally used to promote safety on the road and alerts other drivers to a potential hazard. In Little Rock, Arkansas, however, some of the local legislature demonstrates that silence is the way to go. This is particularly the case when driving past eateries, as it’s illegal to honk your horn near a facility that serves cold drinks or sandwiches after nine p.m. It’s crucial that truckers hold to this rule—their horns are louder than the ones in a standard passenger car.

Black Cars on Sundays – Denver, Colorado

If you plan to drive around Denver this upcoming Sunday, you may want to reconsider if you own a black vehicle—even if you drive a commercial semi-truck. Along with Sundays, the same rule applies on most public holidays. While this law isn’t strongly enforced by the local authorities, remain vigilant when you drive in or pass through this area.

Running Out of Gas – Youngstown, Ohio

Whether you’re out on a haul or simply on a road trip, make sure to fill up your gas tank as you approach Youngstown, Ohio. In this area’s “congested district” you can get charged with a misdemeanor if you’re caught running on empty. Multiple offenses can cause the charges to increase and may lead to sizable fines and tickets.

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