Terms Everyone in the Trucking Industry Should Know

Terms Everyone in the Trucking Industry Should Know

Truckers tend to use jargon often, so it is helpful to learn a few of the terms. Sometimes, these terms are abbreviated, while others are single words or small phrases. To help you understand what your fellow trucker is saying, here are the terms everyone in the trucking industry should know.

Just In Time (JIT)

The first term everyone in the trucking industry should know is JIT or Just In Time. JIT is a form of shipping where the client wants small batches of goods shipped often. The clients choose this type of shipping to minimize on-site inventory and save space. The cargo usually arrives right before the client runs out, hence the term just in time.


The bobtail is a vehicle without the trailer attached. The word bobtail itself means cut short or abbreviated, so it is easy to see why truckers use this term. This word is often confused with the word bogie, which is completely different. A bogie is a frame that connects a wheelset to another trailer or vehicle.

Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) are especially useful when the roads are slick. They use short applications of pressure to stop the vehicle and prevent the wheels from locking. For rainy, icy, and stormy weather, you should consider using anti-lock brakes.

Blind Siding

Blind siding is the process of backing up your truck with the trailer on the passenger side. It is more difficult and dangerous than driver-side backing, so you should avoid it if possible. If you have trouble using your mirrors and seeing behind you when backing up, you should consider using aftermarket truck parts to increase your visibility.

Dry Box

A dry box trailer is often used for hauling general freight that does not require any temperature control. For example, you can use a dry box to haul metal items, but you want to avoid using it for perishable food items. Sometimes, dry boxes are also called dry vans by certain truckers.