The Different Types of Drivers on the Road

The Different Types of Drivers on the Road

When we take to the road each day, there’s no telling what we could come across. Whether you’re out on your commute or going for a quick run to the grocery store, each outing puts you in contact with various people. As such, you’re also in contact with many different drivers. Because there’s no telling who could be sitting in the vehicle next to you, it’s important that you study up on the different types of drivers on the road so you can identify them and react accordingly. Additionally, truck drivers must always remain alert. Your mirrors are one of the best tools for watching out for other drivers. Read on to learn more.

The Speeder

Unfortunately, there are many drivers on the road who insist on going past the established speed limit—and this puts everyone around them at risk. While speed limits are meant to control traffic flow and prevent accidents, they’re also calculated to ensure that the driver always has complete control of their vehicle. When a car or truck is moving too quickly, its overall traction with the road is lowered. This can make it easier for a driver to lose control and swerve if they aren’t paying close enough attention. Therefore, they pose a higher risk of getting in an accident than those going the designated limit.

For dealing with these kinds of drivers, it’s often recommended that you don’t react. Fortunately, they pass by pretty quickly, allowing you to continue on your way. However, it’s important that you don’t try to compete with them or maneuver out of the way, as these actions could inadvertently put you in harm’s way. Instead, simply let them pass.

The Student Driver

While new drivers try their best to be as comfortable as the other drivers around them, this usually isn’t the case. With a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel, their nervousness can manifest itself in low speeds and swerving as they try to center themselves in a lane. These drivers are also some of the most common ones you’ll experience as you’re running errands or leaving work mid-afternoon, as they’re generally out practicing. Fortunately, student drivers aren’t in the beginning stages for very long before they get the hang of it and become more confident.

Though it can be extremely frustrating to drive behind a student driver, it’s best that you don’t scare them more by tailgating or honking your horn at them. Since they haven’t fully learned the proper physical responses to these occurrences, they have a greater chance of swerving or braking suddenly. It’s best to leave them be and safely pass them if you feel they’re going too slow.

The Angry Driver

Drivers who suffer from road rage are constantly in a hurry and will do almost anything to avoid being stuck in a traffic pile up. In their efforts to put you in their rear-view mirror, they can also be putting you and other drivers at risk of an accident. From suddenly swerving in and out of lanes to laying on their horns, these drivers will act irrationally in their anger and remove their focus from the road. Angry drivers are also prone to swearing at or even attacking other drivers on the road.

Because of the risks involved with being near an angered driver, it’s important that you do your best to steer clear of them in order to deter their wrath. This may involve increasing the space between your vehicles, changing lanes, or even pulling back behind them. Likewise, if you are one of these drivers yourself, you should do everything in your power to stay calm even in the worst traffic.

The Multi-Tasker

Another type of driver you’ll commonly find on the road, the multi-tasker is one who participates in other activities while they’re driving. Some of these activities include texting, talking on the phone, doing their makeup, or eating. These activities divert their attention from the road and can shorten their reaction time in a dangerous situation. As a result, these drivers can cause accidents that could’ve easily been avoided if they had just put their items away.

The best way to avoid an accident with one of these drivers is to remain wary around them. If you notice someone driving while distracted, it’s crucial that you take measures to keep your vehicle away from theirs. When they swerve, you need to be prepared to do the same in order to keep yourself safe. Because of the level of hypervigilance involved in driving near a multi-tasker, many drivers decide to pull into a different lane or slow down to avoid them entirely.

The Weaver

Though exhibiting many of the same characteristics as an angry driver, the weaver is less upset and more impatient. If traffic isn’t moving fast enough for them, their first reaction is to change lanes before giving it time to pick up. In fact, rarely do they spend more than a few miles in a single lane. This constant weaving in and out of traffic is hazardous to both themselves and everyone around them, as it makes them unlikely to wait for oncoming vehicles to pass.

Due to weavers’ unpredictability, it’s recommended that you stay where you are and remain cautious if you notice one driving near you. You’ll need to react quickly if they swerve in front of you. As such, it’s best that you stay in your established lane with a reasonable-sized gap between you the vehicle in front of you.

The Defensive Driver

Defensive drivers are the ideal kind to have on the road with you, as they take a proactive approach to driving rather than a reactive one. These drivers are always cautious and vigilant, keeping a reasonable amount of space between cars while constantly watching for hazards. These traits give them time to react in the event of an emergency, reducing an accident’s likelihood as a result. Defensive drivers also understand that going too slow is also dangerous, so they try to keep up with traffic while maintaining the designated speed limit.

Since their defensive nature makes them the safest drivers to drive with, it’s encouraged that many drivers try to adopt some of their traits. Doing so can make it easier to safely change lanes, react when needed, and create the best possible experience for all involved.

When out on the road, you must be prepared for anything. That’s why, at Unitruck, we make it our mission to provide professional semi drivers with the products to keep them informed. From replacement parts to quality angle mirror lenses, these tools can keep you safe by maintaining your vehicle and showing you what kind of drivers are around you.

Types of Drivers on the Road