The Many Different Types of Truck Driving Jobs

The Many Different Types of Truck Driving Jobs

Someone not involved in the commercial trucking field may think that all hauling jobs are self-explanatory. However, while trucking jobs can be similar to one another, they aren’t necessarily the same. In fact, there are a variety of careers that branch off the skillset of a traditional truck driver. These are some of the many different types of truck driving jobs one can pursue in the industry.

Dry Van Haulers

When a trucker starts their career, they often begin as a dry van hauler. These are the lest stressful hauls to undergo as the semis normally contain dry goods that are easy to transport. Distributors neatly package the dry goods in boxes or pallets, making it easier to load and unload the trailer. Once drivers prove themselves capable of this job, they open a variety of avenues to branch out in their careers.

Tanker Haulers

One of the most in-demand jobs in the trucking industry, tanker haulers are responsible for transporting liquid goods across the country. Due to their weight and ability to slosh around when moved, liquids pose a specific danger to drivers when in transport. Depending on the delivery, these liquids could also be hazardous—adding another level of risk to the role. This means that a highly-skilled, experienced driver must always be on the job.

Auto Haulers

Auto haulers are also highly sought after for their ability to handle heavy and unusual cargo. Normally, these professionals are responsible for transporting new cars to their respective car lots. This makes the job a bit stressful and requires that a driver has plenty of experience to maneuver correctly.

Flatbed Haulers

Like dry van haulers, flatbed haulers carry dry products or machinery to various locations around the country. However, the main difference is that these professionals use flatbed trailers to do so. As such, they often transport items that are too large or awkward to fit in a standard enclosed trailer. As such, they have the potential to carry their oversized and oddly-shaped loads, making it crucial that the driver can adjust to what they’re hauling.

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