The Most Common Reasons for a Semi-Truck Breakdown

The Most Common Reasons for a Semi-Truck Breakdown

Transporting goods has never been a higher priority, which is why potential semi-truck breakdowns need to be prevented at all costs. There are a few things you need to be on the lookout before and while you are on the road. Find out what the most common reasons for a semi-truck breakdown are below.


The first common reason why you might have come across a problem with your semi-truck is because of brake issues. There are several reasons why your brakes might be experiencing problems, but semi-trucks’ brakes are more susceptible to breaking down because they are exposed to heat and friction more so than regular cars. Air leaks, external corrosion, and internal water contamination are all common causes for brake issues in semi-trucks.


Another semi-truck breakdown cause is related to tires. This typically happens when the proper maintenance isn’t taken, which can lead to major issues on the road. To avoid this, be sure to look out for underinflation, low thread depth, or misaligned axles before and while on the road by using Peterbilt mirrors.

Electrical System

Breakdowns can also occur because of the electrical system. The electrical system refers to the battery, alternator, or starter battery, which can prevent your semi-truck from starting. The easiest way to avoid this is to not leave any lights on and make sure all the pieces of the electrical system get replaced before they get too old.

Refrigerated Trailers

Semi-trucks are used to transport many different things. When transporting food or any other goods, your semi-truck may be attached to a refrigerated trailer. Refrigerated trailer dysfunction is another one of the most common reasons for a semi-truck breakdown. The best thing you can do is be aware of any cab signals that may indicate a problem relating to the refrigerated trailer.

High Mileage

The final reason for a breakdown could simply be because of the semi-truck's age. Mileage can easily add up with a semi-truck, so it’s in your best interests to monitor that number. Semi-trucks are known to last up to 750,000 miles, but it will eventually reach that number or come close to it down the line.