The Types of Semi-Truck Mirrors

The Types of Semi-Truck Mirrors

Every car driver knows how their mirrors help prevent an accident. Allowing us to see what’s happening around us, our mirrors give us the clearance to maneuver our cars in safe ways. For semi-truck drivers, mirrors are just as, if not more, important to their jobs. With more cargo space to account for, truck drivers need to know the different types of semi-truck mirrors and how to use them. So whether you’re replacing your Cascadia, Kenworth, Mack, or Volvo semi-truck mirrors, read on to learn the different mirrors your rig needs.

Side View Mirrors

Since semi cabins don’t have rear view mirrors, it’s even more important that each truck has quality side view mirrors. These tools, when adjusted properly, help control the size of a trailer’s blind spots and allow the driver to see more of their vehicle. This knowledge helps them safely change lanes and stay aware of what other drivers are doing around them. In addition, truckers can equip their side view mirrors with look-down mirrors to get a better view of lower-set vehicles, such as sedans.

Extended-Length Planar Mirrors

Like side view mirrors, extended-length planar mirrors are mounted on either side of a truck cabin to help reduce its blind spots. These models, however, come equipped with long, extending arms to help a driver better view wider loads from various angles. Not only does this give the semi driver the visibility they need, but it also alerts surrounding drivers that there’s a wide load ahead of them.

Convex Mirrors

Characterized by their curved appearance and slender mounts, convex mirrors have this design to give drivers a wider field of view by reflecting from various angles. While they can be mounted along your side view mirrors, they’re most commonly found fender mounted or hood mounted to semi-trucks. This gives the driver more information about their surroundings when they back into spaces.

Whether you need replacement Volvo semi-truck mirrors or specialized extended length models for a certain job, Unitruck has you covered. Our large inventory includes mirrors to fit with various brands of semis, and they satisfy some of the most diverse driving needs.