Tips for Preventing Lane Change Collisions

Tips for Preventing Lane Change Collisions

Changing lanes for truck drivers can be a challenge on the road and lead to a collision that can be fatal. Therefore, truck drivers carry an extra weight of responsibility due to the sheer volume of their vehicle to make the right decisions on the road. Here are some tips for preventing lane change collisions.

Check Your Mirrors Thoroughly

The first thing truck drivers need to do when they are about to change lanes is to check their mirrors. Because a semi-truck can obscure the view behind you, it’s essential that you can rely on your mirrors. If you need new Volvo semi-truck mirrors, Unitruck has you covered.

Communicate with Others

It is also vital that you communicate with others on the road too, especially since you are taking up more space than other vehicles. The best way to signal to other drivers is by utilizing your turn signals before you are about to make a lane change. Your horn is another asset that you should be using for communication on the road as well.

Avoid Blind Spots

A blind spot is when you are next to another vehicle which obscures your own field of vision. When you are driving, it is best to avoid blind spots, even if you are in a hard to miss semi-truck. You also must keep this in mind when you are about to make a lane change as well, so you can avoid a potential accident with another vehicle because you can’t see it. Once again, this is where mirrors come in handy.

Don’t Wait Too Long

When you need to make a lane change, you don’t want to move towards the lane right away without checking your mirrors or using your turn signals, but you shouldn’t wait too long either. While it can be stressful to make a lane change, especially on a highway, you don’t want to miss your window of opportunity either.

Make Sure There Is Enough Space

The final tip for preventing lane change collisions is to make sure there is more than enough space for you to make the move. It can be quite an adjustment dealing with a bigger vehicle like a semi-truck, but it’s important to have a good idea of how much lane space you take up so you can make a good judgment.