Ways to Upgrade Your Semi-Truck

Ways to Upgrade Your Semi-Truck

It’s common knowledge that commercial truckers spend most of their working life in the cab of their semi. But all that time spent in a vehicle can wear it down and make it an uncomfortable environment. It’s for this reason that many truckers upgrade their vehicles—not just in mechanics, but in appearance and comfort as well. These are only a few ways to upgrade your semi-truck.

Replace Your Seat

Sitting in the same seat day in and day out causes its supportive materials to quickly deteriorate, making it less comfortable with each haul. When your seat reaches the point of no return, it’s crucial you replace it. Otherwise, it can begin to cause serious harm to your back. Many replacement seats give you the ability to customize your comfort to your needs, such as additional back and neck support.

Install Driving-Friendly Technology

Since technology has evolved well beyond the use of a traditional map, it would be beneficial to upgrade your truck’s navigation systems. Installing a GPS in your semi will provide you with detailed directions. Many navigational devices can also be set up to alert you of nearby fueling stations, eateries, and traffic conditions. In addition to a GPS, you should also install Bluetooth in order to responsibly make and receive calls while on the road.

Find New Headlights

Headlights are some of the most common truck upgrades, as they help drivers get to their destinations safely. You should occasionally check to see if you need to repair or replace your lights. A dying bulb is a sign that tells you it’s time for an upgrade. Replacing faulty headlights when you first notice any issues will help keep you and other drivers safe.

It’s important that truck drivers have the latest and most efficient tools to complete a job—regardless of how many hours they spend behind the wheel. That’s why, at Unitruck, we aim to assist with the upgrading process by providing International and Volvo 670 truck accessories.