What Drivers Should Look for in a Trucking Company

What Drivers Should Look for in a Trucking Company

As people continue to shop online and expect better deals or specific prices, the need for truck drivers remains constant and rising. Despite this, drivers can often find themselves in precarious situations due to unfair practices in the industry. This is not always true for every place you find employment with, but these guidelines help set a standard for what drivers should look for in a trucking company.

Your Truck Is Your Home

As a full-time driver, your truck is where you will be spending most of your time, including sleeping in it as well. Inquiring about the age of the trucks you’ll be working with gives a good idea of the types of amenities you will be living with. Typical models provide a bed, closet, and maybe a fridge, while newer models can have luxuries like television, a microwave, or a bathroom. Understanding what you are working with is vital when deciding whether the company you’ll be working for is a good fit for you.

As a driver, you will also be responsible for maintaining your truck, and as a result, will occasionally look to replace your accessories depending on the model you drive. Mack truck parts will likely be the norm of what you look for, as they are one of the oldest truck companies that has lasted through the years.

Work and Life Balance

Having a good balance between leisure and work is a somewhat hopeful goal that relies heavily on the kind of work. Depending on the type of delivery route you’re committing to, drivers typically find themselves on the road for weeks at a time. Coming home weekly is usually reserved for regional jobs that rely on point-to-point delivery routes, while most jobs fit in the “on the road” category. These routes take drivers two to three weeks on average to complete, with home time usually landing on the weekend for arrival.

Emphasis on Safety

Semi-truck drivers have a lot of weight they are responsible for. An average truck weighs in at 10,000 to 25,000 pounds, and that’s before any loading! A good company understands how cautious their drivers must be to deliver stock and goods in a safe and timely manner. It is crucial to have the awareness to recognize dangerous situations on the road and act accordingly.

It is also understood that drivers are not machines and require rest. If you find that your company tends to disregard routine requests for rest, or has narrow time gates for delivery, consider comparing the standards of others to get a reasonable estimate of what the standards are like around you. It may be tempting to meet deadlines on time, but that may mean cutting down on sleep, too.

Maintaining your physical and mental fortitude on the job is important. Even if you’re just getting started, knowing what drivers should look for in a trucking company will help set you up for a long business relationship with your future company.