Why You Should Keep a Clean Truck

Why You Should Keep a Clean Truck

You have a lot to worry about on the road as it is. Getting to your destination safely and on time can consume a lot of your energy and brainpower. So, as you go about your journeys, it can be easy to let a few things slip. Maybe your cab gets a little cluttered. Maybe the outside of your truck hit some mud puddles, and you haven’t been in a hurry to clean it off. But while you may not like the idea of expanding your already heavy workload, there are several reasons why you should keep a clean truck for safety, sanity, and reputation alike. Here’s why you should keep your truck clean on the inside and out.

Driver Safety

As always, safety comes first. When it comes to both lights and mirrors, a dirty truck is an unsafe truck. Accumulation of dirt and grime on your headlights makes them less effective, and mirrors that are compromised by buildup can’t do their job, either. Clean lights and mirrors regularly, especially after weather conditions that could lead to both being dirty. As you give your mirrors a closer look, determine whether they’re up to the job. If you think the manufacturer’s mirrors aren’t as effective as they could be, even at their cleanest, consider aftermarket truck mirrors from Unitruck.

Safety in cleanliness extends to your cab as well. The last thing you want is to have used coffee cups, fast food containers, and old CDs sliding around your cab and making bigger messes. Worse yet, you could find garbage lodged beneath the pedals—a major safety hazard if ever there were one.

Concentration and Peace of Mind

A disheveled cab means a distracted driver. Some workers have desks but, as a truck driver, your cab is your desk. It’s important for your workspace to be just as organized, efficient, and peaceful as any desk worker. You may not need paperclip containers or silly little desk gadgets, but you do need a clean console and a lack of clutter around the cab. Not only does this keep you focused, but it should keep your stress levels down, too.

It Reflects Well on the Company

Image matters in trucking. You don’t want to arrive at your destination looking as if your truck has practically been through a war. Weeks’ worth of accumulated dirt, grit, and grime sends a powerful message of neglect, cutting corners, and an overall lack of oversight. In the competitive trucking industry, this could mean lost work and lost jobs. Regularly cleaning your truck will demonstrate you and your firm’s attention to detail and commitment to safety, and that matters to clients. With so much on the line, it’s clear why you should keep a clean truck.