History of Chrome Mirrors in the USA

History of Chrome Mirrors in the USA

Chrome mirrors, commonly known as "chrome side mirrors" or "chrome door mirrors," have been a popular aftermarket accessory for automobiles. They are designed to add a decorative and functional element to the vehicle's exterior. However, pinpointing the exact date when chrome mirrors were first sold in the USA is challenging due to the lack of specific historical records.

Chrome plating technology became more widespread in the mid-20th century, and it's likely that chrome mirrors started appearing as aftermarket accessories for cars around that time. The 1950s and 1960s were periods of significant automotive customization and accessory development, so it's possible that chrome mirrors began to gain popularity during this era.

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In the 1950s, many trucks in the USA were sold with chrome mirrors as a standard or optional feature, reflecting the era's emphasis on stylish design and automotive customization. In 1955 the "Second Series" Chevy Truck design was released which included wing mirrors for the first time. This range was a complete redesign vs its predecessor. 

Fords F-Series trucks hit the ground running as their most popular truck, a popularity that is still ongoing today nearly 48 years later. 

Chevy, RAM, GMC, Toyota, Honda then Nissan take positions 2 - 6 in popularity for the last four years proving a near consistent appetite from American truck users to continue with the brands they have previously used. 

Wing mirrors, also known as side mirrors, became required by law on trucks in the USA under the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 111 that mandated side mirrors on passenger vehicles. The requirement for side mirrors on trucks came into effect with the 1968 model year. This regulation ensured that both passenger vehicles and trucks were equipped with side mirrors to enhance driver visibility and overall road safety.

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