The Various Components of a Semi-Truck

The Various Components of a Semi-Truck

Commercial semi-trucks are extremely intricate and complex tools that perform a key role in the transportation and distribution of goods across the country. As such, each part of the truck must work in tandem to effectively reach each destination and complete the job. But one might wonder what parts go into assembling a semi-truck and what makes them the only vehicles that can accomplish these tasks. These are the various components of a semi-truck and how they function together.

Tractor Unit

The tractor unit is the front portion of the semi that contains all the components for running and operating the vehicle. As such, it includes the front engine compartment, cabin, and fuel tanks large enough to accommodate prolonged trips. This part of the truck also includes the air dam and the fifth wheel compartment that come in handy when responding to hazardous driving conditions such as heavy winds or a flat tire. In addition, some trucks cabins also come equipped with sleeper compartments to accommodate those traveling overnight for hauls. Each of these features keeps the vehicle running smoothly while ensuring the comfort and protection of the driver during the trip.


The trailer section of a semi-truck latches onto the rear of the tractor unit and stabilizes it for large, heavy loads. Though the type of trailer transported can vary depending on the type of cargo the driver hauls, every trailer unit contains cargo space, a landing gear, and tandem axles. The trailer’s landing gear props up a detached trailer once the haul is complete, while the tandem axles support wheels for when it’s in motion.

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